Each volume of APEX Calculus is available for free as a .pdf. If you want a paper copy, feel free to print your .pdf in whatever manner you choose. Nicely bound black & white copies of the text are also available for sale for $14 through Amazon.com (but no longer the publisher, CreateSpace).

Look for the blue stripe! To avoid purchasing an old version of the book, look for the blue stripe under the title that includes "Version 3.0."

If you want the text made available in your campus bookstore, give the ISBN and URL information found below to your bookstore manager.

Bulk Purchase Update: CreateSpace, the publisher, used to sell directly to customers & bookstores; they also allowed me to offer discounted pricing. As of 10/31/17, this is no longer the case. At bottom is an order form for bulk orders.

Calculus 1: Volume 1 of APEX Calculus, Version 3.0 (Chapters 1 - 6.1)

Calculus 2: Volume 2 of APEX Calculus, Version 3.0 (Chapters 5 - 8)

Calculus 3: Volume 3 of APEX Calculus, Version 3.0 (Chapters 9 - 13)

Bulk Orders are available through the order form below. Ordering through the Amazon website is likely more economical for those purchasing small quantities; orders through Amazon will likely be received more quickly. The order form below is targeted towards college/university bookstores who don't mind a 2- or 3-week delivery time. 

APEX Calculus, Version 3.0

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