Each volume of APEX Calculus is available for free as a .pdf. If you want a paper copy, feel free to print your .pdf in whatever manner you choose. Nicely bound black & white copies of the text are also available for sale for $15 through Amazon.com and my publisher, CreateSpace.

Look for the blue stripe! To avoid purchasing an old version of the book, look for the blue stripe under the title that includes "Version 3.0."

If you want the text made available in your campus bookstore, give the ISBN and URL information found below to your bookstore manager.

As the author, I do make a profit on these sales. For reasons I don't fully understand, I make over twice the profit when copies are sold through the CreateSpace website as I do through Amazon.com (even though CreateSpace is an Amazon company). If you would like to give a little extra support to the open text community (specifically, me), please purchase through the CreateSpace website. If you are more comfortable with Amazon, go with them. I usually get my copies within a week of purchase.

If you still want Version 2.0, links are found at the bottom of this page.

Calculus 1: Volume 1 of APEX Calculus, Version 3.0 (Chapters 1 - 6.1)

Calculus 2: Volume 2 of APEX Calculus, Version 3.0 (Chapters 5 - 8)

Calculus 3: Volume 3 of APEX Calculus, Version 3.0 (Chapters 9 - 13)

Version 2.0

Below are links to purchase Version 2.0 of the text. As stated elsewhere, this version is "out of date" in that it contains many typos and errors that Version 3.0 fixes. These links will be maintained until most/all interest is lost in these texts.

Calculus 1: Volume 1 of APEX Calculus (Chapters 1 - 6.1)

Calculus 2: Volume 2 of APEX Calculus (Chapters 5 - 8)

Calculus 3: Volume 3 of APEX Calculus (Chapters 9 - 13)

Currently you cannot purchase all of APEX Calculus in one volume. Its length exceeds the current CreateSpace page limits.