This page contains .pdf's of APEX Calculus, Version 4.0. (See bottom for links to Version 3.0.)

One may download all of APEX Calculus using a link below. One may also download individual volumes which break up the content into more manageable portions. APEX Calculus Volumes 1, 2, 3 and 3* are aligned roughly with traditional "Calc I, II and III" courses, whereas APEX Calculus for Quarters Q1, Q2, Q3 & Q4 are split to better suit the quarter system. All of these volumes are available for purchase in grayscale print at, exact copies of the grayscale versions below.

  • The color versions look great on a screen or printed in color. They come with or without interactive 3D graphics (removing 3D content reduces file sizes).
  • If you want to print a b&w (grayscale) copy, download & print the b&w versions. The graphics have been optimized for grayscale printing (see below for an explanation) and do not have the interactive content.

APEX Calculus, Version 4.0 

APEX Calculus, Version 4.0, Volume 1 (Chapters 1 - 6.1)

APEX Calculus, Version 4.0, Volume 2 (Chapters 5 - 8)

APEX Calculus, Version 4.0, Volume 3 (Chapters 9 - 14)

APEX Calculus, Version 4.0, Volume 3* (Abridged: Chapters 9 - 13)

Source Files: All source files are available on GitHub. The repository found at this Version 4 link is now static, providing the files that generate all Version 4 content. As changes are made (errors corrected, etc.), they are made to the "Version 5" git repository. 

APEX Calculus for Quarters, Q1 (Chapters 1 - 4)

APEX Calculus for Quarters, Q2 (Chapters 5 - 7 + DE Appendix)

APEX Calculus for Quarters, Q3 (Chapters 8 - 11)

APEX Calculus for Quarters, Q4 (Chapters 12 - 14)


The .pdf's are free. If you want to support ongoing improvements to the text, or just want to say "Thank you", click the "Support APEX Calclulus" button below. Any and all support is appreciated.

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What's different about the b&w versions?

Printers do a fine job of printing b&w versions of color pages, though we are all familiar with the way certain detail is lost. In particular, pure blue, red and green portions of a picture are rendered in the same shade of gray. As the default pen colors of graphs in APEX Calculus are pure blue and red, each will be printed as the same shade of gray, making it difficult to distinguish which curve in a graph is which. 

So when I created the graphics for the text, I produced two copies of each picture. One had a "color" color scheme, and the other had a "b&w" color scheme. The result is that the "b&w" figures look better printed on a grayscale printer than the color figures do.

Further, Definitions, Theorems and Key Ideas are printed in colored boxes in the color version to make them stand out on the page. This color turns to a blotchy shade of gray when printed on a grayscale printer. So in the b&w versions of the text, these boxes are only outlined in black


For those that still need Version 3.0, download copies below.

APEX Calculus, Version 3.0 

APEX Calculus, Version 3.0, Volume 1 (Chapters 1 - 6.1)

APEX Calculus, Version 3.0, Volume 2 (Chapters 5 - 8)

APEX Calculus, Version 3.0, Volume 3 (Chapters 9 - 13)