Traditional Calculus texts vs. APEX Calculus

APEX Calculus was written to imitate the best features of traditional textbooks and fix many of the things professors have long disliked.

The following table is a completely unbiased comparison of the traditional calculus textbook with APEX Calculus. (Well, not completely unbiased. But let me know if the following does not ring true.)

Traditional Text APEX Calculus
High quality product with hard cover, color graphics and professionally edited text. Market tested. High quality product, edited by college math professors. The free .pdf is color which the user may print; the low cost print version has a softcover and high quality grayscale images.
"Digital version" accessed online only, for a fee, only for a certain number of days (rent Stewart for $80 on Amazon for 120 days). .pdf of full text available for free. Free! Forever! (And also contains interactive graphics!!)
Costs > $250 new in print. Costs $45 new in print ($15 for each volume, so probably paid for in $15 installments instead of all at once).
New editions written mostly for profit, not pedagogical, reasons New versions written only to add content and fix mistakes.
Each page is packed with content - little free space. 2" of white space at the bottom of each page is reserved for notes.
Physical text is big: 1300 pages, 6lbs. Each volume is about 300 pages, 2lbs. Students will actually bring this to class!
Contains a wealth of great content - though you likely don't use it all. Contains great content, customizable to fit what you need.
School bookstores carry text and buy back used (students expect to sell it back as it was so expensive). School bookstores carry text and buy back used (though students are more likely to keep their text - it only cost them $15).
Cover contains beautiful pictures of waterfalls, or sailboats, or sailboats going down waterfalls. Cover is solid color - pretty boring, frankly, but you'll be able to pick out each volume of APEX Calculus easily on a bookshelf.